Celebrating science and technology, National Science Week (14-21 August) is an annual event with events all around Australia. Embraced by schools, libraries, museums and science centres across the country, National Science Week is an opportunity for educators, librarians, parents and children to not only explore the exciting world of science, but also highlight the amazing scientific pursuits being achieved every day!

Use stories and Activity Time resources from Story Box Library to engage kids with technology, wonders of the natural world, and learn more about the scientific discoveries of humankind. Aligning with Australian curriculum and learning areas, educators can use stories to explore all aspects of the science world, from stories that look at microbes (Biological Science), moon landings (Earth and Space Science) and muddy pigs on a windy farm (Physical Science).

Do Not Lick This Book

Min is a microbe. She is small. Very small. In fact so small that you'd need to look through a microscope to see her. Do Not Lick This Book is the perfect story for anyone who wants to take a closer look at the world, written by Idan Ben-Barak, illustrated by Julian Frost and read by Osher Günsberg. 

How Did I Get Here

Philip Bunting takes us on a journey back to the start of time (in about the time it takes to eat your breakfast!) A clever, hilarious and beautifully illustrated story, designed to raise more questions than it answers. Read by Andrew Blizzard. 

Discover more in the How Did I Get Here Activity Time.


Dream astronaut dreams and celebrate Australia's role in the moon landing of 1969!

Moonwalkers is a story of joy, imagination and adventure, from the brilliant minds of author Mark Greenwood and illustrator Terry Denton. Read by Lucas Taylor at the Melbourne Observatory, Moonwalkers allows viewers to get lost in space, as if looking through their very own telescope.

Learn more about space and the Melbourne Observatory with Lucas two-part interview with Melbourne Observatory Demonstrator Russell Cockman. 

Moonwalkers is our free story for international audiences during August. 

Our Little Inventor

Far from Nell's home in the countryside, the Big City is growing more polluted every day - and Nell has a brilliant mind and an ingenious invention. A beautifully told story about a small girl with a big dream to make the world a better place from creator Sher Rill Ng and read by Enya Lucas. 

Explore the Heads and Tails series below.

Heads and Tails

A tiger, a kangaroo, a rabbit, a goldfish and more are revealed as we turn the page and discover! At first we can only see their tails. Some clear, simple clues add detail as we learn more about each one. Now, can you guess the animal that each tail belongs to?

Written and illustrated by John Canty and read by teacher Kate Tucker. 

Heads and Tails: Insects

Read amongst the trees by Kate Tucker, Heads and Tails: Insects takes viewers on a playful journey of discovery. With delicate watercolour illustrations and fun written clues from creator John Canty, this book is sure to capture the imaginations and curiosity of kids everywhere.

Heads and Tails: Underwater

Read by Melbourne’s SEA Life Aquarium’s Bart Hamilton, kids can try to identify each underwater creature as they learn more about each one. Written and illustrated by John Canty and read by Bart Hamilton. 

The Windy Farm

The Windy Farm is by one of Australia's best and funniest writer/illustrator teams - Doug MacLeod and Craig Smith. Get ready to giggle as much-loved Channel Nine newsreader, Peter Hitchener, shares this humorous and entertaining story that will have kids looking at wind power (and dunnies!) in a whole new way.

This Small Blue Dot

With a strong message of interconnectedness, hope and empowerment, This Small Blue Dot follows a little girl exploring the big and small things in life. Written and illustrated by Zeno Sworder and read by Alice Pung, for Melbourne Writers Festival.


Full of humour, chaos, delightful visual jokes and some pretty amazing robot impressions, this story, read by author-illustrator James Foley himself, will have you in stitches. Perfect for all those children (and adults!) who have ever longed for the perfect sibling or a robot friend to do their chores.

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