Meet a group of world-changing kids, who are ready to spark change and inspire action. We asked the storytellers from If I Was Prime Minister to share a little about themselves and what they want to be when they grow up.


Emelie is just 8 years old and she already knows that she wants to be a Comedian. But it's not her only goal - if she was the Big Boss of Australia, she'd get everyone to stop smoking.

Emelie Meet the Kids


Alfie worked for Story Box Library as a Videography Assistant when we filmed If I Was Prime Minister. He wants to be a Screenwriter when he grows up. With one internship already done, we know he'll get to where he wants to go.

Alfie still


Abbie is 10 years old and dreams of being an actor Or a singer or a chef. She's spent her life next to the camera thanks to her dad (and Story Box Library Videographer) Shannon Morris, but she's a natural in front of the camera too.

Abbie Meet the Kids


Lucas plans to be in every musical from Melbourne to LA. Maybe not every musical, but that's not for lack of trying. He's definitely going to be an actor when he grows up.

Lucas Meet the Kids


Will wants to be an Actor, a Coder or a Video Game Designer! With a lifetime of possibilities ahead, he knows he doesn't have to choose one profession just yet.

Will Meet the Kids


Sol wants to live in a world where no one is restricted by their allergies or illnesses. He wants a future where everyone can jump out of bed each day, ready for the challenges ahead.