Illustrator Richard Fairgray is a New Zealand born, award winning (Storylines Notable Book Award), author and illustrator, working primarily in comics and children's books. He draws and colours and animates his work, in spite of being legally blind, with 3% vision in one eye and none in the other.

In an interview with Duncan Garner of News Hub, Richard says of his creative vision: 'Imagine if you had a jigsaw puzzle, but could only see one piece at a time' It's a vision that seems to have driven Richard since he began his writing journey.

Richard started writing when he was three years old, publishing his first comic at 10 and leaving his home country of New Zealand for glitzy Hollywood in 2017. Working to tell stories for people who don't usually get their stories told', he's passionate about introducing new perspectives and ideas into the current media landscape. 

In September 2018, we released our first story with Richard, That's Not the Monster We Ordered. Bursting with wacky humour and clever comic-style illustrations, That's Not the Monster We Ordered is a playfully silly story about dealing with envy, welcoming unconditionally and being thankful for what you get. 

That's Not the Monster We Ordered, read by Richard Fairgray 

Later in 2018, we released If I Had an Elephant - a hilarious celebration of the limitless imagination of childhood.

elephant play

Recently we released Gorillas in Our Midst, hilariously performed by Richard with sound warning that you never know when there might be a gorilla around'

Gorillas in Our Midst, read by Richard Fairgray

Knowing that until we tell kids they can't do something, they have nothing stopping them', Richard inspires wonder and courage with his stories. 

You can support Richard by donating to his Patreon, find out more about his upcoming work by following him on Facebook and watch his entertaining and playful stories on Story Box Library.