Supporting subscribing educators with engaging hands-on lessons, Story Box Library (SBL) is introducing new Units of Work. SBL’s Units of Work are comprehensive thematic units of work linked to Australian curriculum learning outcomes, encouraging hands-on learning opportunities and collaboration between students. 

The Units of Work include printable resources and SBL story suggestions, ready for the classroom, to be used as a sequence or individually. Units of Work are the perfect end of year activity inspiring learning and encouraging students to work together. Units of Work are only available to active Story Box Library subscribers.

“Teachers are busy especially at the end of the year - these units allow teachers to pick up and deliver a unit that has been planned to be engaging, activate creative thinking and collaboration. They don’t need to create worksheets, look for curriculum links, think about success criteria - It’s all been done for them. As a teacher librarian I loved being able to help teachers connect wonderful picture books to classroom learning.”

Amelia Otto

STEM Units of Work

The first release focuses on STEM learning outcomes for F-6 students, with a final activity involving students in a team construction challenge. STEM units designed to deliver practical and hands-on learning opportunities. These five lesson series that culminates in a fun final lesson that allows students to apply their knowledge in a team construction challenge.

F-2 unit is based around STRUCTURE

3-6 unit is based around FORCE and MOTION

Download STEM Units of Work here