Technology keeps transforming the way our kids explore their creativity - and the way we teach.

But when the pressure's on educators to deliver the curriculum, prep for assessments, as well as hit those literacy targets, the joy of creating can quickly get lost.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though! 

Using the right tools - like the Story Tools program - kids can experiment with different writing techniques, explore diverse genres, and collaborate with their peers. 

It can also open doors to new perspectives, encourage critical thinking, and boost self-confidence. 

Pretty cool, right?

Not all educational content is equal (or fun/useful/relevant)

As an educator or parent (or both!), you'll know that there's a HUGE market flooded with an abundance of tools designed to enhance kids' creative writing skills.

But those resources are usually really boring.

Story Tools is different.

How? In three key areas:

🧰 Variety. There's a huge range of content and activities designed to empower kids - and take the stress out of your planning. You’ve got access to (amongst many, many options): treasure hunts, writing prompts, reference posters, games - AND great worksheets.     

🧰 Experts. Those talented supremos in the Story Tools series? You won’t find them anywhere else. 

🧰 Resources. These have been a) designed by experts (a.k.a those people who know what the inside of today’s classroom is really like), b) are fun and c) curriculum-aligned. 

We've banished the boring because, in all honesty, we’re teachers, too. We know when a lesson falls flat because of a terrible literacy worksheet/activity.

And so, at Story Tools, we’ve worked really hard to ensure that there’s a new, different, and engaging outcome for our kids, combining tradition with technology. 

Who says you can’t have both?

🧰Curious to see what Story Tools could do for your kids? Here’s a nifty link to try out Series 1, Lesson 1 for yourself.