It’s time to get creature-curious! Australia’s natural wildlife is full of interesting and curious creatures, and opportunities to immerse yourself through stories and activities. Did you know May is loaded with international observances for animals? To make the most of this fun and activity-packed month, we’ve put together animal stories. 

Whether you’re looking to put together classroom plans, or need some time-saving resources to keep little minds busy, you can choose from Story Box Library’s extensive digital library of fun, exciting and engaging books. Explore Hop Up and Wriggle Over to discover more about Australia’s extensive wildlife, or Sticks and Stones and Animal Homes to discover more about where they live. Explore these and many more via the Animal Stories series in our digital library collection.

Help children identify a diverse range of animals

The Heads and Tails series by John Canty explores the diversity of animals, with bright and colourful illustrations, helping kids identify their features.

Heads and Tails

Heads and Tails: Insects

Heads and Tails: Underwater (released in late May 2021)

International Respect for Chickens Month – May

Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas: Read by Emma Watkins (also known as ‘Emma Wiggle’), Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas is a story about sassy chickens! After the story read, create egg cosies or microphones using our Activity Time instructions.

Mr Chicken All Over Australia & Mr Chicken Arriva a Roma: Leigh Hobbs’ famous Mr Chicken series is available on our digital library, with Mr Chicken All Over Australia, read by Playschool’s Noni Hazlehurst, and Mr Chicken Arriva a Roma.

International Wild Koala Day – May 3

Koalas Eat Gum Leaves: Koalas eat gum leaves. Nothing but gum leaves. Everyone knows that. But Koalas Eat Gum Leaves is about a koala who eats nothing but ice-cream!

Bird Day – May 4

Duck!: A delightfully duckish story of farmyard disaster.

Baz & Benz: A delightfully funny and warm-hearted story about a little owl exploring the boundaries of love and friendship.

Kookaburras Love to Laugh: The tale of one particularly serious kookaburra, who doesn't care much for the status quo.

Clever Crow: With captions available in both English and Djambarrpuyŋu, an endearing and witty tale that follows the exploits of a hungry and very clever crow.

Mopoke: Named after the Australian nickname for the Southern Boobook, our smallest and most common species of owl, this book is visual literacy at its best and a springboard for discussion and creativity.

International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day – May 15

Big Red Kangaroo: Follow Red and his mob of kangaroos as they go about their daily life and discover their place in the natural world.

Dinosaur Day – May 18

I’m a Hungry Dinosaur: Meet the sweetest and hungriest little dinosaur of all, storyteller Evie Graham, as she mixes, stirs and bakes a yummy chocolate cake. 

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur: Ann James' magic pencil and mud illustrations celebrate fun and messiness, in this tale about a dinosaur who loves mud.

Endangered Species Day – May 21

Polar Bear in Sydney Harbour: From creative team Beck and Robin Feiner comes an empowering and inspiring story about standing tall and shining bright. After the story read, go behind the book with our short film, created with Beck Feiner.

Croc And The Platypus: A play on the classic poem 'The Owl and the Pussycat', read by The Chaser's very funny and talented, Andrew Hansen.

International Turtle Day – May 23

Too Much for Turtle: With storyteller Darren Hanlon doing a gorgeously funny reading from his treetop perch, a charmingly sweet story about friendship, community and overcoming shyness.