All children deserve access to high-quality literature and a variety of opportunities to connect with storytelling and learning. Improving accessibility and expanding our digital library offering, Story Box Library has recently added new titles to our Auslan Story Time series. Educators, librarians and parents are encouraged to also use closed captions on story reads with children, to assist in language and literacy understanding. Find a dozen new popular and award-winning titles below or via our Auslan Story Time collection here, translated by Auslan Consultancy.


What happens when a jellyfish falls in love with a plastic bag she mistakes for a jelly-boy? Jelly-Boy is different. He is big and strong. And not as wobbly as the other Jelly-boys. By the time Jelly-Girl discovers the dangerous truth about her new friend, it may already be too late.

This is an inventive approach to tackling a conservation issue that is plaguing our world: too much plastic in the ocean. Told in a kid-friendly and humorous way, this is a story with the potential to open up an important dialogue.


This is Floof.
Floof is floofy.
Floof is VERY floofy.
Floof is the FLOOFIEST!
Floof is going to have a very busy day...

A story to delight anyone who has ever loved a ridiculous furball.

Big Dog, Little Dog

First there was just Big Dog. And then, one day, Little Dog arrived…

A beautiful and hilarious story about the ups and downs of welcoming a new family member.

What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say

I'm not brave enough today. Maybe next time.
You're hurting my feelings right now.
Want to join in?

A warm and whimsical guide to negotiating life's little moments and big emotions with empathy, kindness and words from the heart.

Come Over to My House

Come over to my house. Come over and play!

I’ll show you around, you can stay the whole day.

We’ll swing on the swing-set and splash in the pool.

Then I’ll race you inside where my bedroom is cool.

A cast of friendly characters invite friends over for a play – there’s fun to be had, food to eat and families to meet! A delightful picture book that explores the home lives of children and parents who are Deaf or disabled. In the CBCA Notables list for 2023.

Market Day

When a girl is given a coin to spend at the market, she thinks carefully about what to buy. She is tempted by the towering stacks of fruit, spinning rides and glass jars filled with sweets.

But it isn’t until a stranger gives something to her, without expecting anything in return, that she knows exactly what to do with her coin.

A story brimming with joy, generosity and magic from two of Australia’s beloved picture book creators. Shortlisted in the CBCA 2023 Early Childhood award category.

Your School Is The BEST!

Everyone’s favourite cockroach is back, and this time he’s going to school!

From show-and-tell to arts and crafts, this little stowaway can’t wait to try it all…and maybe become the new teachers’ pet!

Charming, hilarious and just a tiny bit disgusting, this is a back-to-school tale with a twist, from the all-star cast behind Your Birthday Was the BEST!

Jetty Jumping

While Milla’s friends take big, brave jumps off the jetty, Milla stays on the blistering wood, scared of what lurks below. But when Milla accidentally falls off the edge, she discovers the beauty of the deep, dark sea – and her summer changes forever. Winner of the CBCA 2022 Early Childhood category.

My Shadow Is Pink

Inspired by the author's own little boy, 'Shadow's' main character likes princesses, fairies and things 'not for boys'... he soon learns (through the support of his dad) that everyone has a shadow that they sometimes feel they need to hide.

This is an important book for a new generation of children (and adults alike) which exemplifies the concepts of unconditional love, respect and positive parenting.


Tap, tap tap …

Frog thinks there’s no one else in the forest, but you never know what’s just around the corner …

Celebrated creator Anna Walker invites us to hear with our eyes as we follow frog on a rollicking escapade in this pitch-perfect pre-school soundscape. Received Honours in the CBCA 2023 Early Childhood award category.

Tiny Wonders

April thinks if her town was a colour, it would be grey. Everyone is too busy to stop and look around. How can she help them slow down?

When she remembers the happiness that dandelions brought her grandmother, April comes up with a plan…

Bursting with colour, this is a sweet story about flowers, family and the wonders children wish for. Winner of the CBCA 2023 New Illustrator award category.