The 2024 CBCA Shortlisted Stories on StoryBox will include...

From the EARLY CHILDHOOD category:
Gymnastica Fantastica! (available 5th June)
The Concrete Garden (from 7 August)

From the PICTURE BOOK category:
That Bird Has Arms! (from 12 June)
Bowerbird Blues (from 17 July)
Timeless (from 24 July)
Every Night at Midnight (from 7 August)

And from the NEW ILLUSTRATOR category:
Hope is the Thing (available now)
Raised by Moths (from 31 July)
When You're a Boy (from 19 June)
Phonobet (from 14 August)

Visit this link to view all of the available 2024 CBCA Shortlisted stories on StoryBox Hub


  • Activity Cards and response templates - Short, engaging story response prompts to help students explore, analyse and connect with the themes, characters, language and literary features of ten of the shortlisted stories. Students can select a story and an activity card, then use the response templates to engage with stories in creative ways. Includes cards for:

    • lower, middle & upper primary students

    • the following shortlisted stories: When You're a Boy, Raised by Moths, Hope is the Thing, Every Night at Midnight, Timeless, Bowerbird Blues, That Bird Has Arms!, The Concrete Garden, Gymnastica Fantastica!

  • Madge’s Magical Mission - An Online Quiz Adventure for this year's CBCA Book Week. Students can journey with Madge through a selection of the shortlisted titles, answering quiz questions, finding clues and souvenirs along the way, to help Madge on her magical mission.

  • Zines are Magic - Our free Story Tools activity: Learn how to make your own DIY mini books and create some amazing Book Week resources to read and share. Includes instructions, templates, tips and teacher notes - as well as access to a FREE Story Tools Series 3: Lesson 9 video ‘All About Zines’ featuring graphic novel authors Campbell Whyte and Aśka.

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Free Online Event: Resources & Information Supporting Champions of Children’s Book Week

Join speakers from Zart, The CBCA, PETAA and StoryBox as we come together to share all of the amazing resources and information available to help support your Children's Book Week ® celebrations for 2024, Reading is Magic.

We invite you all - teachers, librarians, educators and parents; champions of children's literacy - as we aim to help and support you in continuing to engage our young readers of today. Bookings essential. Recordings, resources and exclusive special offers are provided to all registered participants.



  • Reading is Magic - The Library Game - Engage your young readers with this fun and easy to implement board game to help them explore this year’s shortlisted stories in a fun and interactive way. All you need is a dice, printed copies of the game board and cards, and access to the shortlisted books - many of which will be available on StoryBox. 


  • Story Trail - Help your young learners explore the shortlisted stories with this fun ‘find and draw’ challenge. Can they find a round object in Bowerbird Blues? Draw something that Felix might see when jumping from rooftop to rooftop as a wolf…in Every Night at Midnight...

Keep a look out for our Book Week resources coming to Story Box early Term 3.