Digital learning will never replace the importance of face-to-face learning, and the teacher-student interactions that make learning so engaging. But with accessible and innovative resources like Story Box Library, bringing vibrant, diverse stories to kids’ fingertips, the learning experience is enhanced for all. Dynamic narratives and story-reads catch the attention of young children, while expert-designed content and resources assist educators in helping to develop and encourage curiosity, creativity and passion for learning. 

Multi-faceted resources saving money and time

Story Box Library is designed with teachers and educators in mind. Given how precious time is when spent in the classroom - and how quickly it can fly by - our growing resource of high-quality stories and activities can be accessed anytime. Whether preparing to explore a certain topic, theme, or unit of curriculum, teachers and educators can take inspiration and guidance from our library collection, via themes, or integrated resources, such as ready-to-use Activity Time, Student Task Sheets and Classroom Ideas content. Built-in features like playlist and search filter functions allow educators to find and save stories according to themes, topics, or their own personalised requirements.

Developing literacy and comprehension skills

When young children are establishing their language and literacy skills, listening to stories read aloud is one of the most crucial aspects of their development. Hearing and reading exciting stories not only helps them in language development, it also helps them make sense of their world, and their place in it. Reading aloud improves vocabulary, comprehension and information processing skills. In addition, for young children with sight impairments or learning difficulties, or for whom English is a second or additional language (ESL or EAL), the Story Box Library collection includes closed-captions on all high-quality video content. 

Creating opportunities for connection and discussion

Our stories are designed as a tool for inclusivity with multiple viewing options that can be used with children of varying ages and abilities. Alongside our story-reads and accompanying school classroom resources, creating discussion and instilling a love of learning is easy with Story Box Library. Exploring universal topics such as identity, culture and the meanings behind a story, with our Short Films, kids can also hear from diverse authors, illustrators and storytellers to understand how a book is created and why it’s in our library. In Stories Connect Us All, speaking to the storytellers of our Indigenous Storytime series, our storytellers speak to what story means to them, their families, and the ways we share our culture, experiences and identities. 

Safe, trusted, supportive

With our secure online platform, teachers and educators can be assured that young minds are learning and engaged, in a secure environment. With an active school subscription, your login provides the entire school community of teachers, students and their families access to a world of diverse, high-quality stories. Being part of the Story Box Library family means teachers are connected to a global network of experts and guides, supporting them to be successful educators. With easy-to-use features, ready to be integrated for every classroom, Story Box Library is an essential resource for any school, helping educators encourage curiosity, learning and understanding in young minds.

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