Story Box Library (SBL) is constantly making improvements to educational resources, helping educators save time in the classroom, assist in lesson preparation and keep students engaged. With new Units of Work, Story Response Templates and refreshed classroom activity ideas, SBL is supporting educators and education professionals to deliver lessons with confidence and ease. Read more about the updated resources below, or visit our blog for more information.

New Units of Work

Units of Work are a series of curriculum linked lessons that can be used independently or as a unit that spans several lessons, with a new set released every school term. During 2022, Term 1’s Unit of Work resource will have a Health and Wellbeing focus. Foundation to Year 2 students will be looking at Emotions and Friendship, while Years 3-6 will focus on Personal Identity and Strengths. 

Story Response Templates

From lower to upper primary years, SBL’s ready-made templates and tools nurture thinking skills such as inferring and analysis, creating and communicating, and synthesis and evaluation. All new templates will be available to download from early 2022, via our website. Explore and download the first set of templates, released in early 2021.

Classroom Ideas

Classroom Ideas have now been replaced with Reflect and Respond sheets. These sheets promote deep thinking and reflection after viewing the story through discussion questions, and the story response ideas allow students to think creatively and make personal connections to the literature. View the Reflect and Respond sheet for the January story release, New Year Surprise! here.

Activity Time

SBL’s popular Activity Time resources, comprising of instructional video and downloadable PDFs, will also be updated in 2022. Matching the new educational resources, the refreshed Activity Time tools will keep students engaged, inspire imaginations and creativity, and can even be set as homework ideas. Find Activity Time via the ‘Activities’ tab on each story page, and discover a range Activity Time videos here.