Assisting students with delving deeper into stories, our new Story Response Templates include downloadable thinking tools to be used alongside stories in our collection. Our versatile resources assist Lower, Middle and Upper Primary students in their analysis, engagement and reflections of stories, and are designed to be used alongside titles in our digital collection. Find out more about updates to our Book Response and Writing templates and resources below.

Active subscribers can download Story Response Templates from the Resources section here, along with our existing collection of templates, including T-Charts, Venn Diagrams, News Report, Postcard, Timeline and many more. You can also find these used frequently in the Classroom Ideas that accompany each story.

Additional Book Response templates now include:

Author Study 
To assist students with exploring works from a particular author. Includes prompts to help them justify their preferred story, find facts about the author and to make observations about common themes and writing styles.

Visual Detective - Upper Primary
To facilitate the analysis of visual literacy techniques used in a story. Includes prompts that encourage critical thinking around the use and intent of visual techniques such as colour, gaze, size, salience, reading path, movement, perspective, symbols, body language and expressions.

Visual Detective - Lower & Middle Primary
To support students with thinking critically about how illustrations contribute to the meaning and mood of a story. Includes prompts encouraging students to explore different techniques and the purpose and impact of these on the reader.

Quote Analysis
A template to assist students with analysing a selected quote from the story. Includes prompts encouraging reflection on the meaning, type of language and literary devices used, and the mood and feelings evoked.

New Writing templates now include:

Dear Diary
Students can write a diary entry either from the perspective of a particular character, or from their own point of view about an event in the story.

Writing Template - Middle & Upper Primary
A general writing template with space for writing and drawing. Can be used flexibly to help students respond to different writing prompts.

Writing Template - Lower Primary
A general writing template specifically for younger learners, with space for writing and drawing. Can be used flexibly to help students respond to different writing prompts.