Assisting libraries in helping patrons make the most of their services, Niche Academy provides easy-to-follow tutorials, covering nearly all e-product resources that libraries have. 

With a Niche Academy subscription, libraries can request to have a tutorial created  and pull previously created videos to add to their Academy.

Upon learning that a number of Story Box Library (SBL) subscribers were already using Niche Academy to engage their communities with their digital resources, including ours, we collaborated with them to add to SBL tutorials to their collection.

All how-to videos and demos are created with libraries and their communities in mind, to appear as if the library is talking to the patron (though Niche Academy can also help create staff-targeted tutorials and professional development videos as well). 

Libraries can also easily embed widgets for our SBL Niche Academy how-to videos (and all Niche Academy videos), making it easier to promote to patrons.

Kingston Libraries (image right) are amongst our subscribers who use Niche Academy to improve patron experience at their library.

“We knew that library eResources were not getting the usage they could and should be getting. As we studied the problem, we learned that the root cause was lack of awareness and lack of understanding about how to use these resources.

“Even library staff, in many cases, didn't know how to use the eResources. Niche Academy delivers short tutorials showing how to use library eResources and keeps them up to date. 

Presenting these tutorials right on the library website helps people discover these resources and learn how to use them, resulting in big increases in usage.”

Jared Oates, Niche Academy COO & Co-Founder

Find Story Box Library how-to videos on Niche Academy:

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