We love hearing about Story Box Library in the classroom. Hear from educator Jenny Waldon, Clover Hill State School, on the school's journey from our free trial to winning one thousand dollars to stock their school library.

Ping. Mrs Waldon's email sounded, and she quickly checked it before the bell rang.


'Should we subscribe?' asked the teacher librarian via email.

Silently, Mrs Waldon thanked the heavens, as she literally had no voice left and had a roaring headache from playground duty.

'We will check this out today!!'

It turned out to be the best afternoon ever. They laughed and laughed at Bella's Bad Hair Day, they laughed and laughed at Big Pet Day and they all had a bit of a teary eye listening to Anzac Ted. It was a YES PLEASE to the shall we subscribe' question, and so the school DID subscribe.

Classroom life blog 1

And from that day on, classroom life was better with Story Box Library. The students (and often the teacher) laughed every day, they listened every day, sometimes they even cried. They LOVED listening to stories EVERY SINGLE day. (Sidenote: the teacher also loved it because someone else was reading aloud so SHE could enjoy a new story and let her voice for longer than five seconds)!

But, wait. There's more.

One day there was a competition notice from their local shopping centre.

Shall we enter? Mrs Waldon asked the students.

We shall!! they all chorused in return.

So the teacher listened to the students and how they wanted to win book copies of the exact books they were listening to on Story Box Library. And would you believe it? We won. Yes! We won $1000 of books from our local shopping centre. The students chose all our favourites, from all the titles we had heard on Story Box Library.

Classroom life blog 2

Disclaimer: names have not been changed for the purpose of protection AND the story is real. I cannot live without Story Box Library. And nor should you!