Prepare for National Simultaneous Storytime with a bit of craft, a lot of reading and a bunch of fun!

Create a costume!

Get the kids to dress up with a friend (or a sibling they're not currently fighting with) as the dynamic duo from Alpacas with Maracas.

Print alpaca masks out, colour them in and cut them up with instructions from author / Illustrator Matt Cosgrove.

Matt suggests adding cotton wool for Macca (no project is complete without cotton wool, according to the alpaca expert) and strips of paper for Al's shaggy face.

Get creative!


Download the NSS eBook (and make sure to read it)

Help your child create a plush alpaca to read alongside them during #NSS2019 or an alpaca badge to wear proudly on the day.

Cleverpatch have created an eBook full of activities and craft ideas and have just released a kit to make yarn alpacas!

Join their mailing list to be the first to find out about their latest craft and creative ideas.

Talk about the book before you see it on screen 

Fuel discussions in or outside the classroom by finding onomatopoeic words* in the story or by holding a talent show! 

Head to Scholastic to download the Alpacas with Maracas teacher and discussion notes under the Resources tab.

*BANG, crinkle, CLASH… A word that makes the sound it describes.


Register to participate with ALIA at… it’s free!

Your kids can join over #1millionkidsreading and you’ll receive a heap of electronic downloads on Monday May 20 to make your NSS event as fun as possible.

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