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Ingrid Bartkowiak


Based in Brisbane/Meanjin, Ingrid Bartkowiak is an artist and illustrator who works primarily in watercolour. Her hand painted work features native Flora, Fauna and Fungi. Ingrid has a fascination with all things small and intricate, from tufts of moss on a footpath to the fungi sprouting from a wombat dropping. At a young age, she discovered painting as an intimate way of connecting with nature. Inspired by botanical illustration and the Arts & Crafts movement, Ingrid’s technique makes use of the watercolour medium through tiny patterns, exquisite detail, and vivid blocks of colour.

Since graduating from QCA in 2019, Ingrid has worked across a diverse array of projects, including picture book illustration, murals, packaging designs and even pet portraits. She has worked with clients such as New Farm Confectionery, Biome, Brisbane City Council and exhibited in galleries and group shows across Australia.


Stories by Ingrid Bartkowiak